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Haki Nawiri Afrika Updates

Welcome to the 1st Edition of Haki Nawiri Afrika Updates. Thisupdate showcases university students and communityengagement from June 2020 – February 2021.The highlighted activities include human rights training,paralegal training, student-police… Read More »Haki Nawiri Afrika Updates

The Double Crisis

By Rogers Tulyahabwe from Uganda. The covid 19 pandemic is wrecking havoc in countries across the globe, causing a global health crisis and forcing the economies to slow down due… Read More »The Double Crisis

My Red Letter

Jambo. Welcome to our motherland, the republic of conniving government officials, witty procurement officers, scheming stock keepers, tactical auditors, lousy cartels, goons masquerading as public servants, overzealous business gurus, unscrupulous… Read More »My Red Letter