Haki Nawiri Afrika Updates

Welcome to the 1st Edition of Haki Nawiri Afrika Updates. Thisupdate showcases university students and communityengagement from June 2020 – February 2021.The highlighted activities include human rights training,paralegal training, student-police dialogues, psychosocialsupport and student-community engagement. You can download the report below

My Red Letter

Jambo. Welcome to our motherland, the republic of conniving government officials, witty procurement officers, scheming stock keepers, tactical auditors, lousy cartels, goons masquerading as public servants, overzealous business gurus, unscrupulous tradesmen and women and wealth oriented patriots with an insatiable appetite for riches and luxuries. The only state where corruption has been a long time… Continue Reading »

Youth and Social Justice : A Learning and Exchange Model

The word social justice evokes images of fairness and equal opportunities , it means paying attention to the muted voices , it implies a shift from business as usual to business unusual. To many young people in Africa the attainment of social justice is  a mirage.This is due to inherent challenges that may be systemic… Continue Reading »

The Roars of Doom

“Kwa nini walitubomolea nyumba lakini wakatuachia choo? Ni heri wangebomoa choo watuachie nyumba angalau tubaki na mahali pa kulala.” Simply translates to “why did they demolish our houses but spared the toilet? It would have been better had they demolished the toilet instead and left us a roof over our heads.” Njeri, a victim of… Continue Reading »

Review, not suspend the current constitution

Kibet Brian, a University of Nairobi Student at Law School gives his view on the current nationwide dialogue going on about amending the Constitution In his comment in The Weekly Citizen of October 12th to 18th 2020 titled ‘Suspend the Current Constitution’, Martin Wainaina Kenyanjui Snr argued that it was time for the Constitution of… Continue Reading »