About Us

Haki Nawiri Afrika is an initiative formed by Kenya based activists in collaboration with university students from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Haki Nawiri Africa as an idea was formulated in August 2019.The organisation’s mission is to advance social justice in marginalised communities and among university students. Haki Nawiri’s Afrika’s vision is a world where every person enjoys their rights to their rights to the fullest irrespective of social class.

At Haki Nawiri Afrika, university students are the entry point to addressing social justice issues within communities. University students play a key role in Haki Nawiri’s work.

Our Programmes

climate Justice

Climate Justice

Haki Nawiri Afrika recognises the negative impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Kenya and Africa, and at the same time is aware of the technical nature of available information on climate change. The organisation creates awareness on climate change online and off line.

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climate Justice

Food Justice

his is implemented through utilising political and technical education on the entire food production process from Soil to Seeds, Care for Crops, Harvest and Post-Harvest. The organisation promotes smallholder farmers’ organising. The organisation further utilises online spaces...

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climate Justice

Youth Engagement

Haki Nawiri works through four key programmatic areas. These are Youth, Climate Justice, Food Justice and Gender Justice

Youth Engagement (University Students)

The organization engages university students, in school and out of school youth on social justice

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When Ageing Becomes Sinister

Aging has since time immemorial been likened to gold. In traditional African societies, aging symbolised wisdom, it symbolised long life and skills amassed over the years. In the past, children were being taken to grandparents to learn about culture, to listen to folklores, told while sitting around a fire. From the elders’ children were told… Continue Reading »

Changing the minds of anti-vaxxers is the next arduous task in the fight against COVID

At last hope is in the horizon. Showing like the cloud that was the size of a man’s hand that led to a heavy downpour thus ending years of drought in the times of Elijah the Tishbite prophet, the mass vaccinations against COVID 19 have begun though it will be a while before everyone gets… Continue Reading »

Realizing affordable housing in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic; an arduous yet achievable fete

The Third Midterm Plan (TMP) for the attainment of the Kenya Vision 2030 that runs from 2017 to 2022 seeks to prioritize issues that will be greatly impactful to the wellbeing of Kenyans. Its endgame is to ensure that food security is achieved, universal healthcare coverage is attained, housing is made affordable and jobs are… Continue Reading »

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You can support our cause of advancing social justice in marginilized communities and among university students

Our Programmes

Haki Nawiri works through four key programmatic areas. These are Youth, Climate Justice, Food Justice and Gender Justice The following shows the programmes that we have participated as an Organization.

Our Achievements to date

Haki Nawiri Afrika has organised online dialogues focusing on human rights, climate crisis and movement building. The organisation has also been represented in various meetings and conferences including:

  • Haki Nawiri has successfully organised two student police dialogues for students from University of Nairobi, Tangaza University, Multi-Media University, and Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
  • Haki Nawiri has organised human rights training for students and community members to deepen understanding on human rights, prevent violations and build skills among students in solving human rights related problems at the community.
  • Haki Nawiri has built the capacity of university students on paralegalism and access to justice.
  • Haki Nawiri members have participated in the National Climate Change Validation workshop, a lobbying platform aimed at locating Agroecology at the centre of Kenya’s National Adaptation Plans to climate change.
  • Haki Nawiri continues to sensitise community members including students and out of school youth on climate justice and food justice.