Covid 19, Back to School and Leaving No One Behind

At least a third of the world’s schoolchildren – 463 million children globally – were unable to access remote learning when COVID-19 shuttered their schools, according to a new UNICEF report. [1]Across different African countries, schools are re-opening; children including university students are resuming school. The response to Covid 19 in Africa varied from country to country, with total lockdown in a country… Continue Reading »

Education Under Siege

Education is a right granted by many constitutions across Africa. The Constitution of Kenya, in Article 53 (1) (b) state that every child has a right to free and compulsory basic education and Article 55 (a) the State shall take measures, including affirmative action. Sadly this right continues to be curtailed from primary school, secondary school, colleges and other institutions of higher… Continue Reading »

Navigating the Digital Divide

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down and has awoken the us to embrace technology. The responsive measures to prevention and containment of Covid-19 across different countries such as cessation of movement in Kenya, closure of offices and other workplaces and lock downs in countries such as Uganda and South Africa has brought to the fore the… Continue Reading »