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Haki Nawiri Afrika

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Volunteering at Hakina Wiri Afrika is a Key. We welcome every one to take part in our Programs to make better changes in our Communities.

Volunteer at Hakina Wiri Afrika so as achieve the status of social activist and satisfaction by providing time without any economic return and benefit.

Hakina Wiri Afrika  is working directly with individuals and initiatives to build their capacity to have impact in their communities, society and continent as a whole.

We are open to work with other actors from government, private sector, civil society and media in creating the platform for self-improved and responsible people.

If you believe in shaping society positively by investing in the youth especially through giving them the best approaches to self-improvement, personal development, personal growth, emotional and mental strategies and improving the physical avatar of the youths, we invite you to join us; to support our efforts or collaborate on exciting projects in our developmental programs.

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The Process of becoming a volunteer at Wogem is Simply Filling the Contact Form alongside and our staff we reply you as soon as possible

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